Design for Manufacturing and Assembly: At Design Integrity, we have in-depth experience with all high-volume manufacturing processes. We know their strengths and weaknesses, the cost implications for each, and the engineering economics needed to determine the most effective manufacturing processes using net present value (NPV) methods.

We understand that a product must be designed so that it is easy to assemble correctly, economical to mass produce, and optimized in terms of the total cost. To that end, Design Integrity works with the following goals in mind:

  1. Use the lowest number of components, without adding undue complexity to the design.
  2. Work to find the lowest total cost (including part costs and amortized tooling expenses).
  3. Confirm that there is only one way to assemble each component, so it cannot be assembled incorrectly.
  4. Utilize minimal assembly fixturing, except where necessary.
  5. Ensure that the process for each part meets specifications and process capability requirements with the lowest cost.
  6. Produce complete quality documentation to communicate key requirements to our clients and their suppliers.