new product design and development

Our core new product development consulting services focus on the design and development of products for our clients that have a level of technical sophistication. Our mission is to help our customers to drive growth by innovating and launching successful new products in rapid timeframes in competitive business environments. Early conceptual work leads to dozens if not hundreds of preliminary concepts, which can be distilled down to that one new product concept that can set a new standard in its category.

Our team’s high-level expertise in mechanical engineering, project management, industrial design, and electro-mechanical systems sets us apart from other firms. Our staff is motivated by challenging projects that have inherent technical hurdles, and our experience gives us the confidence and the capability to solve any problem, no matter how complex.

Concept to Production

At Design Integrity (DI), our team has extensive experience with the full product development process from kick-off to market launch, including:

  • interviewing end users in their environment
  • creative brainstorming (white space / blank sheet)
  • applying new technologies
  • proof-of-concept prototyping
  • aesthetic design / styling
  • creating world-class ergonomic designs
  • engineering design of complex systems
  • high quality and reliability
  • engineering testing and reliability
  • production launch and approval
  • market feedback and continuous improvement

Speed to Market

Part of the challenge and the fun associated with new product development is the tight deadlines and the drive to get things done faster than many would say is remotely possible. To complete projects at ludicrous speed, it takes a combination of experienced project management, commitment, perseverance, decision making skills, NPD processes, and teamwork across all facets of all companies involved in the effort.

At DI, we stand by our project deadlines and commitments, and we do not accept project delays from any source until every possible manner of getting the program back on track has been thoroughly exhausted. In most cases, our teams can work creatively with our clients and their vendors to find ways to keep projects on track. The rewards are numerous, and for our team, we take pride in our work and our ability to collaborate with our customers to break new ground and get things done in record time frames.

Project Management

One of the key skills required to develop successful new products through to production and market launch is project management. In today’s business world, companies are being driven to run faster and respond to market conditions quicker than ever before. Emerging technologies and the application of electronics to everyday products is leading are leading to competitive advantages in the marketplace.

The management of projects from the planning stages through kick-off, research, design and development, testing, and market launch takes considerable effort, experience, and skill. Our project management systems at DI include several proprietary processes to support our project managers and enable our teams to succeed, and our senior project managers have decades of experience taking complex programs through development into production. Every project at DI is managed by a senior staff member with the skills needed to drive our programs to successful completion.

Medical Device Design Example

Our core staff members have been developing medical devices and equipment since 1995.


Electro-Mechanical Product Example

A majority of our projects involve electro-mechanical systems with motors, sensors, microcontrollers and firmware/software.


Industrial Equipment Example

Our competencies in engineering, design, heavy equipment, and power tools have aligned us with several top industrial brands, including ITW, Miller Elecric, and Snap-on.


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