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what we do

We help clients to drive their key new product and innovation programs to market on schedule with a high success rate. Our core expertise includes:

  • complex product and systems engineering design
  • new product design and development
  • new technology implementation
  • rapid project and critical path management
  • product innovation and ideation
  • industrial design including aesthetics, ergonomics, UI/UX
  • design for production with high quality and reliability

Our teams collaborate with our customers on their top priority initiatives across strategic markets, key product categories, and new growth opportunities.

New Product Design & Development

Design Integrity was founded in 1998 in Chicago with a focus on the design and development of new products that have a level of complexity, inherent technical challenges, high quality and reliability requirements, and the need for a well designed and integrated industrial design.

Over the years, our staff has driven hundreds of successful new products to market in collaboration with our customers, who span across several market segments.

What Sets Us Apart

Technical sophistication

Ability to handle projects with a high level of complexity and technical challenges.

Quality, reliability and durability

Experience launching products with high quality and reliability requirements.


We integrate our experience and resources with our clients’ knowledge to innovate and create growth and value in the marketplace.


Our tactical teams are experts at rapid product development with no compromise in product quality.

World Class Design

Our professional staff of marketing, engineering, and industrial design experts work seamlessly together with our client teams to break new ground and set new standards in the marketplace.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, our customer base is primarily spread around the Midwest, but we frequently work with clients across the US and overseas.

industries we serve

Medical devices and equipment

Assisting medical and healthcare clients with exploratory work and the development of next generation products.

Industrial products and equipment

Design of equipment, machinery, and products in various segments including welding, power tools, food processing, water filtration, and packaging.

Consumer products

Broad expertise across several product categories including sports and recreation, kitchen and bath, cleaning devices, toys, and games.

Automotive and aftermarket

Developing new products for the automotive and aftermarket industries, including battery chargers, tools, and automobile subassemblies.

Proven Ability to Impact

A core competency and point of differentiation is our level of project management experience, which allows our teams to run at a rapid pace with a high success rate and adept risk management.


Medical Device Design Example

Our core staff members have been developing medical devices and equipment since 1995.


Electro-Mechanical Product Example

A majority of our projects involve electro-mechanical systems with motors, sensors, microcontrollers and firmware/software.


Industrial Equipment Example

Our competencies in engineering, design, heavy equipment, and power tools have aligned us with several top industrial brands, including ITW, Miller Elecric, and Snap-on.



John Franks

Vice President of Engineering and Program Management, Helen of Troy

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