miller electric continuum welder Line

The new Miller Continuum welder line was developed to modularize three core product lines to capture efficiencies in housing design, the operator interface, and component configurations.


Miller Electric wanted to develop a new line of industrial welders with common components and a rugged aesthetic design language. The primary goal for the Design Integrity (DI) team was to develop the exterior housing design such that three core Miller product lines could be modularized.


A visual brand language was developed for the line, which laid out a rugged aesthetic form and proportions for several of the key elements that would be used across the product line. The design allowed the use of common parts and subassemblies on the various products, including the user interface and housing components that required an investment in production tooling.

Client Benefit

The design team met all of the project goals, and the new aesthetic design has been well-received in the marketplace.  The rugged appearance is functional and appropriately modern. The new line capitalizes on the cost benefits associated with the use of common parts, and welders benefit from the simplicity of the new user interface.

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