This year, Design Integrity is celebrating our 20th anniversary. The firm was incorporated in Illinois in December of 1998, and our first deal was closed in January of 1999.

It has been a great run. Our staff has worked on a variety of fun and challenging innovation and new product development projects over these past two decades. We’ve worked with dozens of top firms in the Midwest and across the country, and, more importantly, we’ve worked with hundreds of talented people at our firm, our clients’ companies, and our strategic partnering firms.

We have so many great stories to share, and we plan to do so on our blog page and at a few special events over the coming months. Keep an eye out for announcements.

Thanks to all who have made these past 20 years a reality and a success – our clients, partners, staff members, and strategic alliances. The best to all this year, and we hope to see you soon.