electrical systems engineering

Our electrical engineering team’s expertise spans across a broad range of electrical system design areas that center on the design of new electrical and electro-mechanical products, devices, and equipment. Our talented team of electrical design consultants focuses on the development of new electrical control systems across a variety of platforms, including custom embedded system engineering, digital and analog equipment and systems, communications and connectivity, firmware and software.

Embedded Systems

One of our core areas of expertise in embedded system design, which involves the development of new control systems for electro-mechanical products, equipment and devices.

  • Embedded system design
  • Custom electrical hardware
  • Various microprocessor platforms: STM, PIC, ARM, etc.
  • Rapid electrical control system prototyping for proof-of-concept
  • Connectivity – WiFi / BLE / Cellular
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Control systems including motor controls, machine controls, and sensor implementation
  • Industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer products
  • Automated equipment and semi-automated control systems
  • Platforms: Linux / Proprietary / RTOS (freeRTOS/Custom)
  • Software development tools: Code Compressor, MPLAB IDE, Keil uVision
  • Agile / Confluence
  • JIRA / Github / Perforce

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on the integration of the various components within an overall product or system. A project starts with defined customer needs, which drive the functional product requirements. The goal is to design a quality product that meets the user needs along with the business and technical objectives.

At DI, our senior engineering team of electrical design consultants have broad experience with complex electro-mechanical systems, and we work as integral team members with our clients’ teams to handle tricky technical challenges and ensure project success. Our systems design experience spans across a range of industrial, medical, automotive and consumer products and applications.


Our experience includes a wide variety of control systems design, including several specific application areas, such as:

  • Top level system controls
  • Motor controls
  • Machine controls
  • Sensor implementation
  • Custom firmware and software
  • Industrial equipment and machine controls
  • Automated equipment
  • Semi-automated system controls


  • WiFi systems
  • BlueTooth / BLE
  • Cellular communications
  • Low power / energy networks
  • Long range networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Global positioning systems (GPS) 
  • Networked computers and systems



Software and Firmware

Most of our electrical system design projects involve an extensive amount of custom firmware and software development. Our team typically develops a majority of the custom firmware for our new embedded system design programs.

On larger software projects, our team typically collaborates with our clients’ teams and their third party software contractors (domestic and international).

Safety Agency Certification

Our engineering team has over 35 years of experience designing products to meet safety agency certification requirements. We have developed products across a variety of categories and industries per UL, CSA, Intertek/ETL, and CSA standards. If needed, our engineering team can coordinate the certification process from start to completion.

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Electrical System Prototyping

Our team has a variety of prototyping tools that we utilize at our discretion depending on the project goals and timeline. 

  • Custom PCBs from high quality shops (US and international) 
  • Arduino 
  • Raspberry Pi 
  • Hand soldered prototype boards
  • Manufacturers’ prototype kids (ST Micro, etc.) 
  • Off-the-shelf motors, sensors, solenoids, and components
  • Custom firmware or programmable interfaces from manufacturers

Electrical System Testing

On site, our teams conduct a variety of electrical tests in our facility, primarily on the prototypes that our team designs and fabricates at various stages of our projects. Our onsite testing includes:

  • functional testing – running prototypes through all required functions
  • performance testing – measuring product and system parameters
  • varying inputs / measuring outputs per specifications
  • cycle testing
  • load testing
  • thermal testing
  • signal testing

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