Design Integrity in Chicago is pleased to announce that Robert Guastella, our Electrical Systems Engineering Director, is now a partner with our firm.

With his diverse engineering and management experience across several of our key product and service categories, Robert has been instrumental to our electrical team’s growth and to ensuring exceptional quality in our systems engineering work. His expertise in embedded systems, hardware design, firmware, software, IoT, connected devices, and front-end innovation has been a great complement to our staff’s core competencies and our customers’ strategic plans.

Design Integrity is excited to have Robert as a member of our partner team, and we look forward to collaborating with him and further expanding our services into a broad range of electrical systems work.

Over that past 24 years, Design Integrity has provided comprehensive new product design and development consulting services to our clients across the US. Our professional team of engineers, designers, and innovators collaborates with our clients’ teams to spec, develop, and launch strategic innovations, next gen products and systems, and services across a range of consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive markets. For more information on our electrical systems capabilities, visit our website at