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Our team at Design Integrity offers innovation facilitation services for our customers, and our senior team of product design and development professionals has extensive experience moderating innovation sessions across a variety of business categories, markets, segments, product lines, and specific products. Reach out to discuss your innovation plans and how we can help to drive innovation forward with your team.

Facilitation and Moderation

Our senior team of experts is adept at facilitating and moderating innovation sessions across a variety of fields, including business opportunities, product line expansion, product design and development, and specific areas of opportunities for growth and improved bottom line performance.

Innovation facilitation requires talented leadership, an open-minded approach to new ideas, leadership skills, empathy, organization skills, and ability to improvise and handle challenging situations. Reach out to discuss your innovation plans!

On large scale innovation programs, our trained innovation facilitators can lead sessions with diverse groups of personnel from different companies, departments and backgrounds. Each innovation program is different, and each requires different approaches, methods and processes to get quality results that can lead to growth and opportunity in the marketplace.


Ideation Facilitation

Ideation and brainstorming are integral parts of the creative process. Oftentimes, the initial goal is develop a wide variety of ideas. The quantity of ideas can be valued over quality during early stages, as diverse conceptual designs can lead to new approaches, methods, business opportunities, and creative solutions. 

As time progresses, the plethora of initial ideas eventually has to be sorted through, studied from a technical viability standpoint, and gauged in terms their market potential. 

Over the past two and a half decades, our team has developed an array of proprietary ideation processes that have consistently led to successful innovations, novel solutions to various challenges, and profitable business opportunities for our customers. Contact our team to discuss your innovation plans. 


“Design Integrity is my go-to source when I need some outside help and a fresh set of eyes.”

Rob Hartman

Site Leader, ITT Corporation

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