Growth marketing

The emerging field of growth marketing encompasses a variety of marketing strategies, tools, and processes that drive growth and success in the marketplace. Our growth marketing team strives for strategic front-end innovation that ensures back-end success in the marketplace.

Our marketing experts study existing research and available information, fill gaps where needed to paint a full picture of the landscape, and identify opportunities for product line expansion, brand development, new business cases, and innovation pathway strategies for five years and beyond.


Opportunity Identification

Our multi-disciplined staff works with our clients’ business development teams to seek out areas for growth by leveraging brands, market positions, product line plans, technology identification, and intellectual property strategies. Oftentimes, we find that the information needed to develop a vision for expansion is already available; it is simply a matter of applying effective strategic planning techniques that cut through the data and uncover viable initiatives.

Over the years, our team has honed a series of proprietary growth marketing processes and best practices that allow us to successfully drive innovation and new business development. As with all of our professional services, we excel by collaborating with our clients’ teams, as their knowledge base and past research are invaluable components to the creation of a long-term vision for growth.

Brand Development and Revitalization

Our marketing team can help to develop your brands, stretch them into new directions and markets, and revitalize them with a fresh approach and consideration of consumer and market trends.

We help strengthen brands by pairing domain expansion opportunities with product and technology innovations that drive sales and market share in both current and new market segments and product categories.

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Product Expansion Planning

Our marketing team can help your firm to expand your current brands and product lines into new markets, new user demographics, and new technologies. We study your existing product lines, portfolio, available research, and market position before analyzing options and recommending an action plan.

More often than not, we work in a collaborative manner with our clients’ marketing and engineering experts, as our combined teams have diverse knowledge and skills that can lead to higher levels of business development, strategy and innovation.

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Market and Trend Analysis

A key aspect of any strategic planning process is gaining a detailed understanding of the current marketplace and the trends that are shifting customer behaviors and purchase decisions. Our marketing experts study available information, develop effective research programs to paint the full picture, and summarize our findings with a detailed executive overview of the current market and developing trends.

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Intellectual Asset Strategy

Innovative growth opportunities can arise from a detailed review of a company’s intellectual property (IP) assets. At times, our clients have a broad range of IP that can be applied across new product categories and markets. Other times, competitors have a head start with IP that covers new trends and technologies, whereas an IP strategy needs to be put in place to ensure future market share in emerging product and service categories.

By studying the existing IP landscape across the various market segments and product categories that a firm competes in, a detailed IP asset strategy can be developed to drive growth and secure a long-term position in core business segments.



In addition to the marketing services listed above, our growth marketing team offers the following services:

  • voice of the customer (VOC) research
  • new product development planning
  • business case development
  • vision creation
  • positioning and communication
  • claim creation and substantiation
  • volumetrics and purchase intent
  • go-to-market strategy

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