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Innovation in the kitchen and bath industry has led to a variety of new products over the past decade that make life and home cleaning easier for consumers. In this arena, American Standard has set new standards with their VorMax toilets and the new ActiClean system. The broad variety of consumer product design advancements make this an exciting time in the industry! 


American Standard had recently released the revolutionary VorMax toilet, which uses whirlpool action to rinse the toilet bowl and the underside of the rim. Their innovation team came up with the idea for a system that adds a cleaning solution to the bowl on demand. Early proof-of-concept prototypes had been developed and tested, but the design needed to be developed for manufacturing and production launch.


The ActiClean system runs an automated cycle to clean the toilet bowl and the underside of the rim with the push of a button. Users can choose between a “quick” cleaning cycle and a “deep” cleaning cycle. The cleaning solution is mixed with the flush water as it is being fed into the bowl through the innovative VorMax chute.

The cleaner is spread across the entire surface of the toilet bowl including the underside of the rim. After a preset amount of exposure time, the ActiClean system automatically runs a flush cycle to rinse the bowl and flush the contents down the drain. The ActiClean system significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning the toilet bowl with brushes or other manual cleaning devices.

Client Benefit

American Standard collaborated with Design Integrity and our team of engineers and designers to bring the ActiClean system to market in a rapid time frame. The project team worked through several tricky design challenges, and the result was a quality device that could be manufactured cost-effectively at high annual production volumes.

The ActiClean toilet combines the power of American Standard’s revolutionary VorMax flushing technology with a fully integrated self-cleaning system. The user simply presses a button, walks away, and lets the toilet do the rest. ActiClean eliminates the need for aftermarket add-on cleaning solutions that are unsightly and ineffective, and it is a high efficiency toilet that uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which meets EPA WaterSense certification requirements.

“We are honored for this recognition for our pioneering ActiClean technology that provides the luxury of a high-style, self-cleaning toilet at a truly affordable price point for homeowners. We are thrilled to be partnering with Lowe’s to deliver this revolutionary plumbing product to consumers and trade professionals across the country,” said Steven Delarge, chief executive officer and president of LIXIL Water Technology Americas, the division under which American Standard operates.

Lowe's Companies Inc. - 2016 Innovation of the Year

American Standard ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet

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