Dentsply SIRONA nupro freedom™ cordless prophy SyStem

Dentsply retained Design Integrity to assist with the development of the industrial design of their new cordless prophy handpiece and charging station. Prior to the launch of the Nupro Freedom™ device, Dentsply prophy tools were driven by air, which required a tethered air line.

The first generation Nupro Freedom™ Cordless Prophy tool launched successfully across the marketplace, and the line has since been updated with SmartMode™ Technology in 2016, an innovative method of controlling the speed and power of the prophy cup.


Dentsply was developing their first cordless prophy system, and they retained Design Integrity to assist with the development of the industrial design of the tool and charging station. Prophy systems are used for dental prophylaxis,  an important procedure that thoroughly cleans teeth and halts the progression of periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Periodontal disease and gingivitis occur when bacteria from plaque colonize on gum (gingival) tissue above or below the gum line. Bacteria can cause serious inflammation and irritation which lead to a chronic inflammatory response in the body, gum and bone deterioration, teeth shifting, or even the loss of teeth.

The goals for the new cordless prophy device included improved ergonomics, appropriate aesthetics for the use environment, ease of use, and the reduction or elimination of seams and entrapment areas where bacteria and contaminants could build up.


The Nupro Freedom™ cordless prophy device (hand piece) and disposable prophy angle (DPA) were designed with an aesthetic that was targeted at female users and the interior design trend with dental practices striving to look more like spas. The transition between the DPA and the hand piece is smooth, as hygienists use both parts for gripping with their fingers during use.

The head of the DPA was designed to be small enough that users can see the location and flaring of the cup, and the top was designed with round surfaces as patients prefer to not feel the head rubbing against the inside of their cheeks.

The charging station was designed to be compact in size with only one way for the hand piece to be inserted. The charger has a higher back surface to support the hand piece and prevent it from tipping over when the device is resting in the charger.

Client Benefit

The Nupro Freedom™ cordless prophy system has been a success in the marketplace. The cordless design reduces the effective weight of the device and eliminates cord drag, which renders the device more comfortable and ergonomic.

Hygienist reviews state that this tool is a must have item as its light weight and cordless design eliminates hand fatigue. It can be used in a variety of positions, which comes in handy when working with patients with special needs, bedside and chair side applications, wheelchairs, or those who cannot sit in chairs in the traditional position.

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