Legacy megaboost

A great example of a tricky engineering design challenge, as the goal was to design a new manually operated grease gun that would reach 10,000 psi. This project is a classic case of an effort that required multiple iterations of design, brainstorming, prototyping, problems solving, and outside-the-box thinking.

The Legacy MegaBoost grease gun required perseverance and a commitment to finding solutions to multiple design hurdles. By partnering with Design Integrity, an industrial design and engineering design firm in Chicago, Legacy was able to overcome the design challenges and launch the MegaBoost into the marketplace.


Legacy Manufacturing saw an opportunity in the marketplace for a new grease gun that could work for high pressure applications as well low pressure / high volume applications. The main goal was to develop a gun that could reach 10,000 psi, which presented multiple technical challenges.



DI worked with the Legacy to study existing grease gun designs and brainstorm new mechanism concepts. The project team selected the most promising design, laid it out on CAD, and machined an alpha prototype. While the first prototype showed promise, it did not meet the high pressure goal.

A formal problem solving effort revealed two root causes: the hose that connected the grease gun to the fitting could not handle the pressure and a key seal had to be redesigned. The second-generation beta prototype worked flawlessly, and Legacy decided to develop the design all the way through to production.

Client Benefit

The DI team supplemented the Legacy engineering staff and brought extensive tool design experience to the project. The joint Legacy/DI team worked closely throughout the effort, made decisions together, and solved two difficult challenges in a timely manner. The MegaBoost grease gun was launched successfully in the marketplace, where it can be purchased at NAPA, Sears, Amazon, Tool Source, and Tractor Supply.

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