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Hearing Armor collaborated with Design Integrity to develop the new Hearing Armor ear plug, an innovation in hearing protection. Originally designed for the military and first responders, Hearing Armor and its breakthrough diaphragm technology are becoming popular across a range of industrial and consumer applications.


Military personnel are often exposed to loud noises, high ambient sound levels, and shockwaves from nearby explosions. Hearing degradation and tinnitus (ringing or other noises in the ears) have become all too frequent.

These conditions lower the quality of life for military personnel and veterans, and, combined, hearing issues have become one of the most costly medical conditions for the military and VA to treat.

Existing hearing protection products have varying performance characteristics. Some perform well at reducing sound levels, but no prior products provided the ideal balance of sound level attenuation, situational awareness, and shockwave mitigation. The DOD was looking for an improved ear protection solution, and Hearing Armor answered the call.



Hearing Armor developed a new technology for hearing protection that includes a thin polymer diaphragm inside the earplug. The diaphragm is a thin sheet of tough plastic that acts like an artificial ear drum.

The technology reduces (attenuates) all sound frequencies by measurable percentages and prevents shockwaves from loud noises and explosions from gettting through to the inner ear and, specifically, the eardrum (tympanic membrane).

The team at Design Integrity collaborated with Hearing Armor and the Department of Defense to design, prototype, test and optimize the new earplug technology.

Client Benefit

The first generation Hearing Armor earplugs have been launched in the marketplace, and their performance demonstrates an optimal balance between sound attenuation, situational awareness (accurate sensing of sound source location relative to the user), impact noise level reduction (by 40 dB), and high pressure shockwave mitigation.

Beyond the initial targeted military applications, Hearing Armor earplugs are gaining traction across several industrial and consumer segments. Applications include users of heavy equipment, loud power tools (jackhammers, impact wrenches, air hammers and riveters), and firearms, as well as airport personnel, live concert goers, motorcycle riders, and musicians.



The value of innovation is well understood, but the path to success can be riddled with obstacles and risk. For those with a purpose, a viable technology, and the perseverence to overcome challenges and solve an unmet need, the end result can be ground breaking.

The team members at Hearing Armor, the Department of Defense, and Design Integrity had to work through several challenges to reach our goals. The end result is a new product with a technical innovation that can significantly improve the health and long term hearing quality of people across a wide spectrum of professions, hobbies, and passions.

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