Swanstone m series granite sink line

On first impression, the new Swanstone M Series sink line emanates a certain elegance. Behind the refined exteriors, however, are thoroughly functional designs that make life around the kitchen sink that much easier and more enjoyable. Swanstone has worked extensively with Design Integrity (DI) over the years, and DI has become one of the leading industrial design firms Chicago corporations turn to when looking to develop innovative next gen products. 


The Swan Corporation, manufacturer of Swanstone products, partnered with Design Integrity to develop Swan’s new line of M-Series granite sinks. The goal was to leverage an innovative manufacturing technology with next generation designs to create elegant, functional sinks unlike any others available in the world.

Two identified trends in kitchen design would influence the design of the M-Series granite sink line: the integration of functional elements and the prevalence of commercial-style stainless steel sinks and appliances.



The design team developed a form language that reflects the crisp, folded character of commercial stainless, yet the tight corners and planar surfaces add drama with graceful sweeping bevels which cannot be rendered in steel. Large, flat deck surfaces and “thin-edge” rims create a seamless integration with surrounding countertops.

As a practical feature, the crisp corners transition into larger curves as they extend down into the bowl, making the sinks much easier to rinse and wipe out than commercial-style sinks. All models can be installed in surface mount or under-mount applications.

Client Benefit

The Swanstone M-Series Granite Sink line has a dramatic aesthetic that is unlike any other product on the market. The visual effect is keyed by the continuous horizontal surfaces, which are artfully interrupted by negative voids – as opposed to the conventional, rimmed sink bowl.

Design Integrity achieved a family look for the collection – by applying shared design elements across the single-bowl and various double-bowl styles. The molded quartz construction and innovative design aesthetic allow form and function to work beautifully in unison, and the new line reinforces Swan’s reputation for quality and design in the marketplace.


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