Namco Bowl-o-rama by Cosmodog

Cosmodog in Chicago is an electrical engineering and game design firm that has partnered with Design Integrity (DI) on several design for production implementation projects over the years, including the Ray Charles doll project. The Cosmodog team came up with the idea for a fun bowling video game that would compete with Golden Tee for floor space in arcades and taverns.

Cosmodog wanted the cabinet design to break away from the standard black veneer coated MDF cabinets that were common in the video game world. The custom retro-modern cabinet was inspired by scoring tables from 1950’s bowling alleys, and the video console was developed as an homage to classic Philco Predicta television sets.



Cosmodog in Chicago, our original client on this project, challenged DI to design and fabricate a fully-functional prototype arcade game cabinet for a trade show in only five weeks’ time. The DI team pulled it off, and the looks-like, works-like prototype made it to the show on time.

At the show, Andrew Pines of Cosmodog worked out a licensing agreement with Namco, after which DI was tasked with developing the production design of the cabinet for launch within an eight-month window.



Design Integrity began the project with a rapid industrial design effort that captured the desired retro-modern aesthetic of 1950’s bowling alleys. The console was then engineered and modeled in 3D CAD, and prototype parts were fabricated using a wide variety of processes.

To meet the aggressive production schedule, Design Integrity assisted Namco with supplier selection and performed extensive cost analyses to guide the selection of manufacturing processes and materials for each custom component.

Client Benefit

The trade show prototype was completed on time, and Cosmodog was able to secure a licensing agreement with Namco at the show.  The production design was then developed in a rapid timeframe, and Namco was able to launch an innovative new arcade video game in less than nine months.


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