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To supplement their internal design and engineering departments, SRAM partnered with Design Integrity (DI) to develop the RockShox PushLoc lever. This project was a rapid new product development effort, as the goal was to launch the new lever into the marketplace in less than 12 months.


Mountain bike forks have been available with adjustable damping and lockout features for years, but first generation controls were either inconveniently located on the fork tubes or susceptible to contamination from dirt and mud. A new sealed, bar-mounted lever was needed to withstand the elements and allow adjustment on the fly without taking the cyclist’s hand off the bar.



The RockShox PushLoc lever offers smooth and precise front fork lockout control on the handlebar.  The PushLoc has an ergonomic push-on-push-off mechanism and a narrow footprint that can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the bar.  The housing is completely sealed to prevent dirt, mud, and rain from contaminating the internals.  With the push of a lever, cyclists can now change from an active fork to a firmer setting on the fly.


Client Benefit

The new PushLoc remote lever was developed and launched in less than 12 months with collaboration between SRAM, RockShox, and DI.  The design and engineering team at DI coupled our mechanism expertise with the combined experience of the SRAM and RockShox staff members.  The PushLoc became the standard for remote levers in the marketplace for RockShox forks.


“Produced by SRAM Corporation with its Chicago neighbors at Design Integrity, the PushLoc attaches to the handlebars of a mountain bike and allows riders to turn SRAM’s RockShox suspension system on and off without moving their hands. It was the remote control feature that captured jurors’ attention. But the design also features improved ergonomics, greater adjustability, and, thanks to its new aluminum housing, better performance in muddy conditions. In addition, while existing products employ two buttons – which can be difficult for gloved fingers to distinguish – the PushLoc introduces a single-button design.”

ID Magazine

Annual Design Review 2017, Consumer Products

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