Thermo Fisher scientific pump head

Thermo Fisher Scientific retained Design Integrity to assist with the redesign of the peristaltic pump head for the FH100 pump line. The prior pump head design was not optimized in terms of its ease of use and, specifically, the loading of the tubing into the pump during setup. Senior Thermo Fisher management team members had previously worked on successful projects with Design Integrity’s mechanical engineering design services team, and they had confidence that our staff was a great fit for this opportunity. 


Thermo Scientific FH100 and FH100X peristaltic pumps are general purpose peristaltic pumps for high-repeatability and precision metering in a variety of life science, industrial, and process applications. The broad flow range capability of these pumps make them ideal for laboratory applications.

Thermo Fisher conducted market research in an effort to improve pump performance and customer satisfaction. One feature that was determined to be an area of potential improvement was the loading of the peristaltic pump’s tubing in the head assembly. End users asked if the process could be made easier to learn how to do with high accuracy and repeatability. 


Our team of mechanical engineers and industrial designers studied the pump head design and summary data from Thermo Fisher customer research. A variety of alternative design options were developed over multiple ideation sessions. The most promising designs were reviewed in detail with the team at Thermo Fisher.

The selected design was developed in 3D CAD, prototyped, and tested successfully.  The new design was implemented, and it was a significant improvement over the prior design in terms of the ease of use and the ability of users to install the tubing in the pump head subassembly quickly and accurately. 

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