Schumacher sp2 battery maintainer

Schumacher is the leader in the battery charger market, and their team values innovation and quality design. On this project, Schumacher partnered with Design Integrity (DI) to develop a battery maintainer specifically for long-term storage applications for vehicles that sit idle for weeks or months at a time.


Powersports (motorcycling, snowmobiling, boating, and jet-skiing) vehicles that are stored off-season frequently require battery replacement due to discharge. A solution is to use a maintenance charger to cycle the battery and maintain full voltage, but most benchtop chargers are unsuitable for on-vehicle storage applications.

Their boxy metal housings are difficult to place on smooth bodywork and can damage paint, outlets are not always positioned close by, and cables and clamps are unwieldy to store or tuck out of the way. Schumacher asked Design Integrity for help developing a product specifically-designed for powersport enthusiasts.



The designers, all motorcyclists, drew on their own user experiences to inform the design process. Their solution is as easy-to-use as an extension cord. Electronic components are housed in a bulge in the middle of the cable, protected by resilient overmolded bumpers, so users no longer have to worry about balancing a metal box on top of their vehicle.

Battery clamps are replaced by a single pigtail connection and the extra-long 20 foot cord can be wound in a loop and hung on a wall for storage. A microprocessor-controlled charging circuit prevents over-charging, and colored LEDs indicate the charge status at a glance.

Client Benefit

The Schumacher SP2 Battery Extender is the only battery maintainer on the market targeted to the needs of powersports enthusiasts. Its enhanced usability is highlighted by a unique, recognizable form factor that differentiates it from competing products. The over-molded bumpers protect the vehicle from being scratched, and the long cord adds a level of convenience when a wall outlet is not nearby.


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