Hu-friedy infinity series sterilization cassettes

Hu-Friedy has been the leader in the US dental sterilization cassette market for decades. Recently, worldwide competition from lower-priced alternatives posed a threat to their position. Hu-Friedy reached to Design Integrity (DI), regarded as one of the top Chicago industrial design firms for medical and dental device design, for help with their next generation cassette line. 

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Hu-Friedy set out to strengthen its position as the market leader in the dental sterilization cassette category, and their team approached Design Integrity for assistance on the project. The goals were to develop a next generation line of cassettes that would meet European market requirements and visually differentiate their new line from competitors.


The innovative design incorporates a new decorative hole pattern that increases the open surface area of the cassettes by 30% to improve cleanability and reduce weight. Rounded edges improve drainage and make the cassettes easier to pick up and more comfortable to carry.

Adjustable inserts can be snapped into the perforated pattern in multiple orientations. The new insert design supports instruments with less surface contact to further improve sterilization. The unique hole shape is repeated in the asymmetrical rotating latch, which clearly communicates its position to the user (locked or unlocked) and is operable with one hand.

Client Benefit

Compared to competing cassettes, the new Hu-Friedy Infinity Series has several unique design features that offer better performance and improved user interface elements – both visual and ergonomic. The patented design and innovative hole pattern, developed by the Design Integrity team, serve as branding elements that assure users that the cassettes are from an industry leader that they can trust.

The new Infinity Series cassette line was recognized by the Medical Design Excellence Awards as a finalist in 2014 and as a Good Design® award winner.

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