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The Inventables X-Carve Pro is an innovative, fast, and precise CNC machining system designed for woodworkers, craftsmen, cabinet makers, machine shops and manufacturers to make quality product cost effectively. Since its launch, the system has also been used by 100s of entrepreneurs to realize their visions and bring new designs to market. The X-Carve Pro was developed from concept through successful production launch by Inventables, in collaboration with Design Integrity, one of the leading product design firms in the Chicago area.



When Inventables launched their first gen X-Carve CNC kit, their customers initially used the system to make existing products and prototypes faster. In short time, customers realized that the X-Carve machines could make a wide variety of parts and products cost effectively at high quality levels. Hundreds of customers have since started new businesses based on the first gen system’s versatile capabilities.

Soon thereafter, as Inventables customers looked to expand their businesses, they searched for larger, faster, more powerful, and higher precision CNC machinery. Inventables decided to develop the X-Carve Pro system to meet the emerging needs of their growing customer base.


Inventables began working on the next gen X-Carve, and their team hired a local industrial design firm to assist with initial product design layouts and the design language for new system. The Inventables team developed the initial design architecture, but they needed more engineering manpower with experience designing complex equipment for manufacturing and assembly.

Inventables brought Design Integrity onto the team to assist with the mechanical design of the X-Carve Pro and the electrical hardware design. The talented team at Inventables led the software development effort and collaborated with our team on the mechanical design. At the heart of the CNC machine is a precision ball screw drive system, a powerful air-cooled spindle, and a custom plug-and-play electrical controller.

After demonstrating performance with a proof-of-concept prototype, the Design Integrity team meticulously designed all aspects of the machine for manufacturing and assembly. Several aspects of the initial design had to be refined to ensure that all parts could be made cost effectively and assembled properly in mass production at a high quality level. The team strived to maintain the integrity of the initial design and user interface as much as feasible without compromise.

Client Benefit

The launch of the X-Carve Pro was a huge success. This innovative CNC machining system has helped Inventables customers to grow their businesses, and it has inspired hundreds of new businesses across North America due to the system’s ability to make quality products at competitive cost levels.

The X-Carve Pro is easy to use, program and maintain. Inventables’ proprietary Easel Pro software makes programming for new projects a breeze. The system offers a massive 4′ x 4′ work area, and it delivers high throughput and precision. By offering the market a solution that can plug into a standard 120V outlet, Inventables tapped into a broad customer base that can compete cost-effectively across a wide variety of product and service categories while driving growth and innovation.

Inventables customers are using the X-Carve Pro to manufacture thousands of products, custom cabinetry, trim work, woodwork, and prototypes. At Design Integrity, our team uses the X-Carve Pro to make prototype parts, frames, cabinets, fixtures and full-scale models that are faster to make with more structural integrity than foam core boards can offer. The X-Carve Pro is a truly innovative system that is finding new applications in the market every day.

X-Carve Pro

Successful Launch

During the later stages of the project, senior engineers at Design Integrity collaborated with Inventables management and key production vendors to work out all kinks in the supply chain and the design. Manufacturing processes were selected that met quality and cost requirements. Preproduction prototypes were tested extensively to ensure reliability and safety. Minor design changes were implemented, as needed, to ensure that the final product met all product requirements prior to market launch.

The Inventables X-Carve Pro has been a bit hit in the marketplace. Initially, craftsmen used the new system to fabricate parts and products faster and more efficiently than their existing equipment. Soon after, designers and inventors discovered that the X-Carve Pro had unique capabilities and an easy CNC programming interface, which led to 1000s of new products being designed and fabricated across a wide range of categories in the USA and across North America.


Electrical Hardware Design

Our electrical engineering team here at Design Integrity led the development of the X-Carve Pro electrical control system. Our staff has diverse experience developing embedded systems, designing custom electrical hardware, and controls across a wide variety of product categories.

Multiple prototype iterations were fabricated and thoroughly tested throughout the program to ensure world-class functionality, quality, and reliability.

The Inventables team led the software development effort, and the Design Integrity mechanical engineering team collaborated with Inventables on the design of the mechanical subsystems.


Innovation Realized

Inventables has been an innovative company since inception, and their team has been dedicated to developing and launching new products of value for their markets and customers. These complex and dynamic worlds of innovation, research and development, and new product development, that our team lives and thrives in, require creativity, a drive to succeed, persistence, the ability to overcome a myriad of obstacles, teamwork, vision, and talent across all key related fields.

The project team, comprised of key staff members at Inventables, Design Integrity, and several other manufacturing and design vendors, had the requisite experience in management, marketing, sales, design, manufacturing, engineering, electronics, software, sourcing, and operations. The team structure has always been our formula for success at Design Integrity. We combine our methods and experience across a wide variety of fields with our client teams’ extensive knowledge of their markets and product categories.

Our staff at Design Integrity was able to join the X-Carve Pro team partway through the program, integrate seamlessly, and navigate dozens of challenges and tricky decisions. We send out kudos to the team at Inventables for having the foresight to take a vision, put a detailed plan in place, and assemble a talented team to take this innovative, new CNC machining center to market successfully.

X-Carve Pro

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