technical due diligence

Our professional engineering staff assists our clients with a variety of technical due diligence support work, including design assessments, design audits, technical viability analysis work, and technical research in support of mergers and acquisitions.

Design Audits and Due Diligence

Our senior engineering team supports our customers with design audits and due diligence support when a third party technical assessment of an engineering system or product is needed. Our proprietary design audit process tailors the effort to meet the needs of the project, and it can include an assessment of the design, functionality, performance, reliability, safety, manufacturability, cost, and risk associated with the given product or system. Due diligence support work typically focuses on technical assessments or a viability analysis of a system, a product or product line, or a company that is under consideration for a major purchase or acquisition. Oftentimes, our clients require high-level engineering expertise that it outside of the knowledge base of their staff. With our broad experience and expertise across several technical fields, our team is well suited to assist with product design audits and technical diligence support work.

Expert Witness

Our engineering and industrial design staff has supported several clients as expert witnesses on a variety of cases. Our expertise spans several fields, including trade secrets, trade secret misappropriation, patent prosecution, and patent litigation. our team

Product Testing

Products sold into the medical, industrial, and consumer product markets need to be designed and developed to high levels of quality and reliability. Otherwise, the products will likely not be well received in the marketplace. Quality and reliability should be designed into the product from the start. In addition, an extensive engineering testing plan can be developed and implemented to ensure that all key project requirements are tested and verified throughout the program. DI has extensive experience developing new products that require high quality and reliability, and our team has developed proprietary engineering and project management processes over the decades to ensure success. Early in each project, we recommend the documentation of a test plan that itemizes every test and performance specification the product must pass before production approval. During the project, prototypes and preproduction units can be run through functional, accelerated life, and field testing on site with end users. Statistical data can be analyzed to assure the team that the product meets specifications. Our senior engineers have developed dozens of complex new products for companies such as Snap-on, Baxter, CASE New Holland (CNH), Miller Electric, Hospira, SRAM and Illinois Tool Works. Extensive product testing has been an integral component to each of our successful new product development programs. engineering and product testing

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