Hearing Armor recently launched their innovative earplug line across multiple outlets. The new earplug design was developed by Hearing Armor in collaboration with Design Integrity in Chicago and the Department of Defense.

Originally developed for the military and first responders, Hearing Armor and its breakthrough diaphragm technology are becoming popular across a range of industrial and consumer applications. The new earplugs provide an ideal balance of sound level attenuation, situational awareness, and shockwave mitigation.

The value of innovation is well understood, but the path to success can be riddled with obstacles and risk. For those with a purpose, a viable technology, and the perseverence to overcome challenges and solve an unmet need, the end result can be ground-breaking.

The team members at Hearing Armor, the Department of Defense, and Design Integrity had to work through several challenges to reach our goals. The end result is a new product with a technical innovation that can significantly improve the health and long term hearing quality of people across a wide spectrum of professions, hobbies, and passions. Check out the Hearing Armor website by visiting: www.hearing-armor.com

For more detail on the Hearing Armor development effort, visit the Design Integrity project case study page via the link below.